Your first sale memories and how you got there?

Hi! I’m new and just have two items up in my shop, so I was wondering, when did you make your first sale? I thought a trip down the memory lane could be interesting for our more experienced shop owners and enlightening for the newbies.

Some questions to prompt your memories - how soon did you make your first sale? Did you have many items up? Did sales grow gradually or suddenly? Are you now where you wanted to be then? How did you feel when your first sales started rolling in?

Finally, tips for the starting shops? :slight_smile:

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@ArtaTei My first sale on 9 Feb 2020 Yoga collection and my shop was open at 5 Feb 2020.

I was like woaw this is great :star_struck:

And still I am learning and expanding my shop with wonderful creation as am not at that level (which similar to active job income)

If seller found what market required then we can easy make that level which we want.
Because majorly buyer come or search within CM so if shop contain those type of iteams then it will expand.

Thanks for the inside @Khushbugohil! I’m also a newbie and the only thing I can complain about is not making sales but me not adding products and being afraid to find “my style” of adding products. Oh well, guess it’s a process.
Good luck! Crossing my fingers for you both that you generate a full time income asap

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@MonjaWessel Hey come on we have to make new product and upload it don’t have to stop due to not getting sale.what if we get sale that newly uploaded product!? Think about it.

Uploading a different product give us knowledge, experience, improvement, learning, testing, encouraging and many more those automatically create your own style so don’t afraid just keep on it :blush:

And yeah finger crossed for full time income :relaxed: