Your 5 Favorite Items on Your Own CM Shop

Nice, good luck with sales!

Thank you! your fonts also great.

Love this thread! Such a nice idea @fisihsani

My latest favorite product from our shop is the Podcast IG Pack. It’s created off my current favorite color palette and has a nice modern vibe - which I personally love!

Our Hey Rachel WordPress Theme is my fav theme at the moment. I wanted to create a more feminine, light Elementor theme and still love the result so much:

Other than that, I love our bundles as I know they provide a lot of value for our customers:

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Great thread. My top 5:

  1. The Moonshine Collection
  2. The Print Press Collection
  3. Pelagia
  4. The Apothecary Collection
  5. Mosley

PS. Sorry, but I can’t add embed codes of my products. That feature doesn’t work for me or I made something wrong :worried:

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Hi @bart_wesolek the code to embed is simply the code that you find on the left of the “share on pinterest” button… Just copy and past that code in the chat window and you will see - on the left (preview window) - how the message will look like…

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