Your 5 Favorite Items on Your Own CM Shop

Hello fellow designers! Happy to see you again in this new CM Community space.

I’m Fis, one man operator behind my own shop Yeah, like the title said! Little bit narcissistic of course, but for me the big five amongst my 36 sophisticated items are; 9 years in the making Science Textbook, the best seller Elegant Bold Flyer, luxury corporate branding of Bergen Gjeste (BG series), the shining red Monestie Blen Hype Coffee Bag AI, and the black beauty Ketip Crypto Card.

For Science Textbook, I used Adobe PageMaker 7.0 on Win XP as the base format in 2006. When legal softwares was not so common and no one knows Instagram.

Ah, Tesla card! Someone tells me that Ketip Crypto Card has a similar layout with Tesla card. Sure! But can you stay away from google to check which one has earlier release date, my friends?

Have a great day and… Happy stock-ing!
(Sorry for my bad English)


My top 5 are these :blush:


Such a nice idea :smiley: Also love the behind the scenes informations! @pixaroma maybe you could explain why you chose these 5 products? This way this nice thread could be more than a library of links to promote a shop. :orange_heart:


For first one with mandala, I really love to draw mandalas and is really relaxing, I put a lot of work on it, a few months to design different themes, I usually do the sketches on my Samsung tab s6 tablet or on photoshop using Wacom intuos 5m. Then I use Illustrator to make them vector.

For the second one, is actual part of 4 volumes, but I enjoy more to do vol.2 with some tribal elements. I like to do seamless patterns because they can work on different products in real life.

For third one with isolated items was also part of a bigger project that I worked a few months, but from all I enjoyed the spices, even is was hard work to take hundreds of photos, and to cut them out from background in Photoshop. Also it sell better than other projects.

Mandala passion is a recent project, I collaborate with different crafters that have different cut machine like cricut, silhouette, glowforge and I learned how to design them so they can cut it and assemble it. It looks really cool when you can see your work in real life and you can touch it.

For last project on my favorite list I wanted to create something inspired from sacred geometry, is one of the most popular products in my shop, besides the vector illustration I included a version with the editable path, I created 2 fonts and a few backgrounds to work with it.

Anyway from all mandalas remain my top favorite, I really love to design them and sell well on all the markets.


@pixaroma Your Isolated Food Items Vol.9 is great, no wonder so much fan of it. With great effort, comes great sales. Rad!
Regarding seeing work in real life and you can touch it, agree! Been there with thousands physical version of my mouse crafted digital sheets.

@ana.yvy Thanks for your addition. Yeah, that’s I mean, explanation and behind the scenes are needed to keep this thread outstanding and “tasteful”. Appreciate that!

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Oh that’s a great question!!

These are mine (I can only share 2 as I’m a new user):

Studio 11 WordPress theme: Studio 11 WordPress Theme | Creative WordPress Business Themes ~ Creative Market

Aspire WordPress theme: Aspire WordPress Theme | Creative WordPress Business Themes ~ Creative Market

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These are mine.

Warning ! I am not an artist, I am a simple photographer :wink:


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@koba.themes Ah, Wordpress theme! Something that never failed to impress me (I’m an editorial designer anyway. Layout guy). Any story behind your Aspire? How long to create it?

@StevanZZ Tuscany Bundle is so bright and colorful to me. Love the vibes, my favourite so far. However, look like Carrara Bundle has more fan. What story behind it? Just curious.

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Thank you @fisihsani … I personally prefer darker, desaturated tones in my photos (I’ve won some awards with black and white projects), but commercial travel and landscape photos sell a lot more in bright and colorful tones.

Carrara Marble textures and backgrounds are widely used on the web. Carrara marble is probably the most beautiful and precious marble in the world. It is extracted in the quarries of Carrara (Tuscany) about 80 km from my town. Carrara marble has been used in the most famous sculptures in history such as Michelangelo’s David and Pietà.

See here:

Greetings and congratulations for your work :wave: :ok_hand:


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Hello everyone,

My tot 5 products are as follows:

Knucklehead, a font inspired by the western culture.

Decohead, an elegant and warm Art Deco inspired typeface. With its unique and delicate touch this font can add a sophisticated twist to any design.

This font was designed to be decorative, natural and versatile with a jolly touch, that`s why its characters have rounded corners and a small decorative serif simulating pen strokes.

Uphead font is inspired by the street signs of Eastern Europe and has a nice balance of hard lines and smooth curves, but still maintaining a strong appearance with modern touches

Astrohead is a geometric sans serif typeface that takes its inspiration from the early desktop systems, and video games.


beautiful photographies :clap: :clap: :clap:

nice products :clap: :clap: :clap:


Great! Look like you have some cool heads there haha…
Knucklehead is lit, anyway.

Really interesting about your Dream of Portugal. Any story behind it? Let me know…

Such a nice thread, thanks @fisihsani

Here are our favorite:

Any feedback is welcome! :slight_smile:


What a great branding name! you guys named your font name with unique way. :+1:

@fisihsani indeed, it is a large collection of heads :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
If you want to test the free Knucklehead font, take a look at the link below: thanks, it all started with the Knucklehead font, the first head font.

Beautiful collection of fonts :clap: :clap: :clap: