Who wants a monogram font?

Oh what a clickbait title :stuck_out_tongue: Anyway, here is my post:

1. Intro:
I want to create a new product and would like to know, if this makes sense at all… and if designers would like and/or buy it at all.

2. The idea:
A calligraphy font which creates real connected monograms for all 2-letter combinations of the latin alphabet – all packed into a real functioning TTF / OTF typeface.

3. How it works:
You type for example „G“ and „K“ and the result is a connected GK lettering.
I would also add lots of extras (frames, symbols, etc.) in the glyphs. Still not sure if I should add small letters, number, etc. or what to do with all the other special characters like °!“§$%&/()=? and so on …


Thanks a lot for your estimation! :slight_smile:

I love me a good swirly font! I think all the new laser lovers out there would go bonkers over this! I say do it!

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Thank you @Snark_Heart for your feedback! I guess I will give it a try. Will be a lot of work though.

Any ideas what I shouls do with other unused characters like numbers and special characters? I‘m mot sure if I want to create designs for them. Should they stay blank?