Which Canva templates sells best?

Hi guys, I did my first templates for Canva and Ps. I don’t know if it’s going to sell well( astrology is a specific niche, but besides not so competitive!
What kind of templates gives you more sales??
Do I have to make a bundle with additional template products, like e-book, workbook etc.
Do you sell templates separately? I put all in one ( Instagram post + stories + highlights)
Thank you!


Hi Catherine!
In my opinion, every great product can bring you sales. I am pretty new to CM too; started to upload my products a few weeks ago and so far, from what I’ve posted, I think my Real Estate templates for social media brought me the most sales.
I mostly sell my templates separately (Stories, posts, etc). I only have one bundle that includes both stories and posts. You can sell them either way you prefer, there is no rule for this.

By the way, I love your products! You have an eye for pretty colors! Keep up the good work. :hugs:

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Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts here! You have a lovely products. I see that you dont offer the option - Photoshop templates along with Canva, but I saw that in “templates section”, lots of sellers do thiis. I did it and it take soooo much time for me, it was so hard to adjust some text parts.
Do people really needs this ps templates along with Canva, would it be enough to sell only Canva?
It would be great to see some customers view on it , but since CM moved “discussion” section here, our connection with other sellers or customers has changed a lot!( Previously discussion was really active section!

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It is not a condition to sell PS templates along with Canva templates. It’s just a matter of preferences. Photoshop is a very complex tool that was used a long time before Canva became popular. Personally, I prefer creating Canva templates because I think they are more user-friendly and is pretty easy to learn, especially for customers that have no clue about design.

With a well-explained guide, you can cover the basic information a new Canva user needs when starting to edit the templates they bought. Photoshop requires some editing/design experience while Canva can be used by customers that have nothing to do with digital design as they simply copy-paste the information they have and they can use drag-and-drop for the photos. It’s just that easy!

Another good thing about Canva is that everyone can use it. There is a free and a paid version for it, while for Photoshop there is no free version.

I use Canva Pro because I want to have access to all their features as I spend most of my time creating, but I also use Photoshop (mostly for color adjustments and to create the covers of my products). :innocent: