Where to find shop links

Probably a really basic thing I’m missing, but can anyone please tell me how we find shop links for people? We used to, if memory serves correctly, be able to hover over a persons name and click on their shop link, but now there’s nothing. Many people don’t have shop links when clicking on their name so how do we find their shops? Any idea @drew.coffman ? Thanks :slight_smile:

You can add this by going to Preferences → Profile and adding a link under ‘Creative Market Shop’ :slight_smile:

Hi @ReneJP, You can search the name in the marketplace, it will bring you all of the store’s products, then you click on the name of the store. @drew.coffman Why did you remove the shop link from the “Shop Updates” stores list, all you can do is click on the follow button. I like to browse their products before following them. It will be good to bring that functionality back.

Thanks Drew :slight_smile: I have done mine already, but couldn’t find a way to view other peoples shops like we used to be able to do, unless they’ve filled in their shop link as you said :slight_smile:

I agree, I think it would be great if the shop link was automatically included in the forums (this can be useful when someone posts a thread asking for advice on their products for example), or have a main link that redirects to the CM shop (if the user has one) and a secondary link that redirects to their forum profile.

Something like that:

Click on Username >>
---- Store link
------- Forum profile link

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