When will you fix bulk edit


Common guys it has been too long now since this bulk edit is not working.

  1. It does not load all your products. I can load 100 max.
  2. There is no way to filter out the DRAFTS from the actual live listings.
  3. There should be a search option - if I just wanted to change all my Christmas listings, then I should be able to search “Christmas” within the product list.

Please fix your bulk edit. Those of us with over 300 items are struggling to edit one product at a time. This feature should be working seamlessly. You are being paid for this, yet it’s still not working.


I have lost all hope of CM actually ever doing anything with bulk edit, or any of the other suggestions and features we’ve asked for.

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Hey @MyClipArtStore , thanks for your feedback as always! We’ll continue working to improve our editing features, and know that bulk editing is important to users like you. Passed your feedback along to the team!

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Thanks! That’s exactly what you guys told me 2 years ago.