When is better to upload new products?

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I have a question, and would be grateful for any insight - Is there any difference of on which day of the week is better to upload new products? Does it matter if it’s a weekday or weekend, Monday or Friday, did you notice any difference?
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Hey Sasha!
I would say it depends :slight_smile: I personally recommend finding out when your individual audience is the most active and combine that info with your strongest customers base time zone. (for example: your Instagram audience is in Europe and your customers on CM are mostly engaging with your product on 8am PST, at which time do both overlap in some way or when are they the closest?) This way you can reach the most people through your own social media channels and drive the traffic to your products while also having people from your target time zone on board. If you use google analytics or other shop analytics for your own shop or even social media, you can easily see when your traffic peak points are. Another option is creating buzz on your social media by posting a few days before your release so your followers on social media will know theres sth cool coming up. This way your product gets traffic from your own source and this will push your views, likes and hopefully sales so your product gets more visible on the market in your category.

But besides figuring out what the perfect time for upload is, I would say it’s more important to create products your people love. In this case you can post in the middle of the night and still will be noticed :nerd_face: (ok, maybe not on Christmas Eve but you know what I mean :wink: )

Hope I could help a bit :orange_heart:

Maybe other shop owners could share their opinions and experiences?


@ana.yvy Ana you are a star! :star2: Thank you for taking your time and explaining in such detail! It’s very helpful and makes so much sense :heart:


I usually aim for the start of the week. CM seems to be fairly inactive (both from a customer and an internal team sense) over the weekends so anything listed late on Friday through to Sunday would probably lay dormant for those days.

Posting on a Monday seems to give you the best chance of the holy grail of potentially having that product handpicked just in time to be featured in Wednesday’s new product email which is usually what determines if a product does well or not (in my experience, I don’t really have an external audience/platform to drive traffic here).

By the way love your products, I gave you a follow! :slight_smile:

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@ana.yvy Thank you for your suggestion.

I totally agree with target audience searching time if they are searching between afternoon then best time to make announcement at that time according to our time zone and also good to launch product on Sunday as other will Search on Monday due to freebie as also said by @StudioAurora