What's inspiring you?

Hey everyone! I just wanted to create a thread about the things that are inspiring YOU as you create!

I recently played Carto, a puzzle game about connecting map pieces together to build a world. The art style has this beautiful watercolor motif, and the map pieces are visually so fun to look at as you connect them up. Here’s the trailer!

So, what’s been inspiring you??


This game looks like the cutest thing ever :smiley: I really love the artwork look! Looks so handmade!
I personally think inspiration can be found everywhere. My main sources are music videos, interior design and colour palettes. A combination of 2 or 3 colours tells so much and offers a lot of inspiration. I recommend the PANTONE Studio app which allows you to create colour palettes from every image / photo!

I often find inspiration on the streets, traffic signs, old commercials, old book graphics. I also created a board on Pinterest where I save all these ideas.

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I am blessed and cursed with super realistic dreams. Sometimes i dream not just solution to the problem i am facing, but a ready product that just need to be recreated in real life :grin::grin::grin: and no I haven’t visited a shrink yet haha

Love seeing these examples from everyone! I’ve been meaning to download that PANTONE app for a long time, @ana.yvy — doing it right now!

@VPcreativeshop love that you’re able to get that out of your dreams, even able to make sleep productive :joy:

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Most of the time I look for inspiration in old books (archive.org is very useful :wink:), vintage advertisings, signages, but also around me: streets, packaging, nature, video games, my bicycle travels etc.