What is the deal with shop owners not answering messages?

My last 2 messages sent have been sitting unanswered from sellers for over a year. My most recent question was sent a couple days ago, but no response despite the seller being pretty active liking different products. Is the messaging system more confusing from the seller’s end?

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No, this is not the norm. The message system is pretty much the same no matter if you have a shop or not. Only reason I can imagine is the shop owner is receiving a ton of messages and puts the focus on support requests only. Or maybe your message was unrelated to the products or crossed their personal boundaries. Some do it like that others don’t. Besides that - and this is the current situation - some shop owners take a while off during the holidays especially Christmas time. If you have an emergency or a very important question regarding a purchased product, the shop owner should of course answer in a reasonable time at least during work days imo but if really need help and you can’t reach the owner you could contact the creative market support instead. Hope this gives you more insights, Ana :sparkles::v:t2:


I too have messaged sellers with no response, some are more active than others, I think the shops whom do this as a full time job are much more responsive, than we have the causal moonlighters who created a shop a long time ago and put no effort into it or maybe forgot about it who knows.

But creativemarket should boot inactive shops its not good customer service and we lose business for the entire community because of them.