What is print-on-demand according to the Creative Market lawyers?

Wish I could get an answer from the legal people at Creative Market. This print-on-demand detail is way deep inside their info and could lead to a serious lawsuit against me if I proceed under the wrong assumption. Let’s say I put a children’s book, that I work hard to create, on Amazon. I use a lot of graphics from here to create the book. When Amazon gets an order they print the book and send it. The buyer can not ask for CHANGES, EVER; it is a normal book. I expect no more than 500 sales if I am VERY lucky. But that is print-on-demand when Amazon prints the book when ordered, or is it? I even check with the artist to make sure I am legally OK. They don’t know because the POD statement under licenses seems pretty firm. NO POD!!! But if I use China to print 500 of the same book and store it at Amazon for big fees, that’s not print-on-demand? Most of us Kid’s book writers lose enough money when we write these books --it’s a money-sucking hobby. Don’t want to lose even more to Amazon by paying them to store physical copies. Thanks for clearing this up!

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What you are talking about is not print of demand. Print on demand largely describes websites where you upload assets as-is and the user can move them around as they please and print them on items like t-shirts etc etc. An example would be uploading an asset you purchased onto Society 6. Printing a children’s book isn’t going to get you into legal issues.

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Is that Creative Market’s official position? If it is, great; they would help by stating that. There are many companies that offer “print on demand” books, like Amazon. Actually many, many people only know POD as relating only to books, because we do books. Hence the need for clarification. The license agreement says POD is not permitted. If Creative Market says no POD, that means No POD, unless they help us with a clarification.

I worked at Creative Market for 3 years and feel fairly confident in my interpretation, but if in question, contact a lawyer to have them review the contract.

Thanks. I appreciate your opinion. I deal with lawyers all the time. My lawyer would tell me to ask CM.

I feel you. I can tell you the “POD” referenced was for websites like Red Bubble and Society 6. I can also tell you that Creative Market does not in any way enforce their licenses. They place that burden on the individual shop sellers. So if you have specific use-case questions, I’d reach out to the seller whose assets you want to use directly.

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THANK YOU! I am doing that with a seller and it is very positive. Thanks again.

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Matt, Here is the cold hard truth :-). I have been looking at different stock image sites. Just happen to like the images I see here. ALL the different licenses seem to say the same thing about POD. Like they cut and pasted it under their license. Then when you ask about it, customer support has no clue. And they wouldn’t find out. One basically said it was on me to guess. :slight_smile: Another company has reps pick up the inquiries. Two customer service people picked up my same question. One said. " Yes, I could do POD books; One said , “No”. No one has a clue.

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@BobJax POD in book industry is like there is company who take your book and print out and give you hard copy… If am right then.

And other POD side like @mattborchert said redbubble, society 6, Zazzle is upload graphic and selling physical product there is NOT any Writing or literature including so main focus on graphic and that graphic or artwork if own by artist then it’s not permitted to sell as it is yeah you can modify that like main graphic can’t extract as it is.

So for book illustration you can ask those seller because there are creator even if anything seems like law and copyright then you can ask artist for customised license too (may be safe and good for you :blush:

CM provide generalized licensing not for perticular application so they derived like that. And said you no because they get you as your POD word (but it’s not pure pod because you story or we can say literature included and that is part of product)

This is my point of view :blush:

Yes, you are correct. I question both if the graphics developer understands POD in a book and how it differs from the other POD. Don’t want to get a letter from the artist’s lawyer who is looking for a big settlement like some stock houses have done. I agree 100%; it is best to get an agreement with the artist. Actually to work directly with the artist because a person can communicate with an individual graphic person, not always with big companies. Further, I want to pay full price for the graphics and also split any profit in half with the artist. That way they never feel cheated.

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@BobJax That’s good you appreciate work of artist

@BobJax it’s great if I can see your children book :smiley:

Thanks in advance if any Amazon link or Kindle…

I will message you. Thanks!

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@BobJax Will wait for your message :blush:

I sent the message to your account yesterday, with a link to books n Amazon. Actually, I now have an agreement with an artist. So my new project can start. Thank you!

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Hey, we had similar problem. We wanted to offer our clients access to CM via our store and provide CM with individual client for each one order (for example 1000 orders = 1000 design deals). Never got reply from CM and did it slightly different. Each month we buy extended licenses and offer it from our pool for clients (we can print it as many times as we want :). Therefore it ended that CM has at the moment 1 deal for lets say 200$ per month, they could have 1000 deals for 10-20$ but never shown interest. We tried contacting them via email, forum… just pure silence.

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That means, if I understand it correctly, you are reselling designs in your store, that you bought from CM with an extended licence?

Not directly, extended licence allows you to sell printed products within X quantity. I tried to connect with CM to offer all designs from CM for my clients as an additional option to choose but they didn’t reply. Currently I sell ready products and when client asks me for example, we will need “printed wallpanels with animals to our kindergaden do you have ones?” I check if I have ones, if yes I print it and sell. Otherwise I buy new extended licence for XX$ and have it inside my company, and I can resell X printed products.

Technically, what I offer is not print on demand. As mentioned before print on demand is more like you are uploading your own photos and print for example children book. I think problem is that CM is not willing to go into more (small) sales and to offer designes offered on their website as 3rd party to POD services. I think only option is to go affiliate but in my opinion is not a sollution and a little bit pain in the ass as clients don’t want to register one more account just to get 1 image they want.

CM licences are quite complicated and I’m looking for other options, also CM is quite hard to cooperate and I noticed that sometimes even they are confused what you can do with licences and designs they offer.

Probably ideal situation would be to buy licence and to have designs on you computer and don’t do anything with them… but what would be the point… This is the reason that even my clients are willing to hire external designer/artist and pay a little bit more and have no problems with licencing.

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I think the best solution for books is to work directly with the artist. All artists understand what a book is and that it is fixed and has to be printed. Any artist today can be found. They are usually on many stock sites and have their own social media pages.

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As an artist I agree 100%, it’s so much better to work directly with the client. But CM and other platforms give us an opportunity to reach a larger audience.

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