What is handpicked and how to get there?

what is handpicked and how to get there?

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Click on the house icon in your account, at the top right. A statistics page opens with your products, and above them, 3 buttons. Click the button on the screenshot, Offer a free product. And then from the drop-down list, as in the 2nd screen shot, select your product that you want to provide as free. and below the button confirm the choice. He queue up for review. Everyone is waiting.

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there is someone at CM who looks at all the new products that are put out once a week. They pick a few of them to be featured on the “staff picks” section of the home page. You do not have to do anything extra to apply for it just by creating a product you are eligible. The trick is to create a unique high quality product that you think the CM customer base will enjoy. I got my first product hand picked this week and saw a huge spike in sales.


How much can you earn $ 10,000 per month? I only get small things. And after all, how much work is done. Can I earn 20,000 or 30,000 dollars a month?

Thank you~ Very Much!!!..

I want to earn a lot and buy a house in Hawaii


I am just starting out. I am nowhere close to those numbers. But I can see that if you have a top products for 32 dollars and make 5 sales a day you are bringing in around 20 a sale and that is around $3000 a month. that seems more doable starting off. @MajesticThemes

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