Hello! @drew.coffman.
Recently, it is not clear to you what is happening on the KM marketplace.

  1. Traffic rises and then drops to zero, not gradually, but in one day.
  2. My buttons became non-clickable in the menu of suggested followers. (first screenshot).
  3. The display of Notifications was broken, there used to be icons, now it’s just text. (second screenshot).

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Hey @AndreyKENO

Just so you know, you didn’t tag me in your post. Be sure to make sure there isn’t a space between the @ and the name to ensure I see it :slight_smile:

We’re currently working on making some enhancements to the Shop Updates section, and it looks like you found a bug in the ‘Shops To Follow’ area. I’ve reported that to the team and the names should be clickable again shortly! Further, the Notifications area is getting a visual redesign right now and is in an in-between phase. Follow this thread to learn more and stay updated: Have CM made modifications to the Notifications Section?

We’re constantly working to improve the site, and this Shop Updates area is no exception! I’d also like to point out that these changes have not had any impact on traffic or sales, and any fluctuations you’re seeing are likely just a normal part of being on a marketplace.

Let me know if you have any other questions!

I perfectly understand the technical issues associated with the reconstruction of the site. But there has been no traffic and sales for a month already, and without being able to do one, I see on the forum, there are also such. It is clear that for you these are units, but nevertheless, something happens if there is not a single sale for a month.

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Hello! @drew.coffman.
Tell me, can you find out how long the site reconstruction will take?
And you have not sent mailing lists with free products for a long time either, which says, not only about the design reconstruction …
Just in case, I show my store schedule, so far not a single sale, just SUPER!

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