What happened to this website?

What happened ? I came back after some time… I remember you used to be able to organize your shop, the items you had in the order you wanted… also the prices… now 9$ is the least you can put on ? Who makes these utterly bad decisions ?

I’m just baffled, what’s the point anymore ?


Hey @VectorMedia , for information about the minimum price requirements, read this thread here: https://community.creativemarket.com/t/new-minimum-price-requirement/

Regarding organizing products in your shop, we’ve been making upgrades to the Shop Page and have heard the feedback that shop owners like you want to be able to organize products easier. Thanks for letting us know that’s important to you!

Thanks for letting us know that’s important to you!

Yes… it is very important to me, and I have read about the minimum prices but that doesn’t change anything regarding how bad that decision was for the authors. Why force someone to price their products at a fixed low price ? Where’s the freedom in that ? For example how I would’ve used this in the past was reduce the price of one of my items for a, let’s say 1 month discount to attract more eyes and possibly more customers to my shop. Now I cannot do that anymore. While that is frustrating… At least I hope we get shop organization back.

Thank you.

@VectorGarden the minimum price change was a way for creative market to better define their niche within the creative marketplace space. CM customers value high quality over anything else and the higher prices reflect that. I have been doing a bit of experimentation with pricing and have found that to be true. upping my prices even beyond just the minimum does not affect my sales. there will be some growing pains at first like with any change but this change also incentivizes sellers to create products with quality to match the minimum prices and eventually attract that type of buyer and be better in the long run. If you are looking to sell on a platform that has totally pricing freedom I have found that Etsy is a platform who’s target audience cares more about low prices than high quality. there are plenty of other marketplaces still out there to sell on with lower or no price minimums. Hope this was helpful.

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Hmm… my sales dropped about 35-40% right after minimum price was increased. But revenue are in pretty same values as before, as now I sell less items, but for higher price. So still not sure about this feature, cause for me - it’s pretty same as it was before, but I often see topics where people complain about minimum prices impacted on their sales and revenue negatively.

I believe the answer to the question is that Creative Market has made bad decisions and somehow forgot to listen to shop owners who are half of the equation, and only focused on buyers as source of income, forgetting that takes two to tango.

All of those bad decisions have made that a lot of shop owners earnings drop dramatically, and CM knows it, just browse the Community posts and you will see.

There are several bugs that haven’t been fixed:

  • Bulk Editing
  • Shop owners collections
  • Images bulk upload

(those are the ones I remember)

Customizing our shops by dragging and sorting the products how we saw fit is not longer possible.

The one thing that I see as positive is the Black Friday Sale feature (although my discounted products haven´t been purchased yet), but the idea of having a way of implementing discounts automatically is something shop owners have asked before. I don’t know if something similar will be implemented in the future, but I believe it will be good for all actors involved.

I as many shop owners have a lot of great ideas (they may be very simple) that could make this place what it once was, all Creative Market has to do is listen (really listen)

I’m just saying :wink:

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