Welcome to the new Creative Market Community space!

Hey everyone!

We are retiring our previous Discussions area and unveiling this NEW version called Creative Market Community!

Our previous Discussions area was showing its age, and there’s a few things we’ve wanted to do that we simply couldn’t on the previous platform. We’ve heard from you that the experience has been buggy (making replying to people problematic), spammy (with a handful of posts making it through our custom spam filters), and lacking in modern day features like the ability to embed images, gifs, and use markdown.

That’s why we’ve moved to this new space that has a ton of great new features that I’m excited about. Be sure to go to your profile and add a link for your Creative Market Shop Profile so potential customers can find your work!

This forum has markdown support to write with bold, italics, and more, easier multi-page viewing for long threads, image and gif uploads, better @ mentions, and much, much more.

We’ve also updated the categories in the new community space to better fit where we see people talking:

  • Announcements for site updates, events, and blog posts
  • Shop Talk for shop owner conversations, marketing tips, finances, licenses, and products
  • Share Your Work for new products and 'Made with Creative Market’ stories
  • Creative Market Feedback for bug reports and feature requests
  • General Chat

I’m personally SO excited to see this new Community space thrive! Feel free to let me know any feedback you might have — I want to know if there’s anything you feel is missing or want to see introduced in this new platform for conversations.



Excited about the new Forum!!! :blush:


Thank you @Digi_Life and welcome to this slice of the Creative Market community!


Yay, finally Creative Market will have a proper forum it deserves!! :star_struck: :partying_face:


Fully agree, @Andrew49378 ! Happy to have you here!


Wahoo! Thanks for the new Forum and hello everyone creatives! :metal: :partying_face:

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Nice! Thanks for helping improve the community. I hope it gets more traction and increases chatter and activity.

I love that there’s a dedicated area for Feedback/Bugs/Feature Requests. :raised_hands:


Hello @JeksonJS , welcome!

Yes @moreprofesh , I am excited to see this more modern space get more use — and if you have any feedback or feature requests, you know where to put them! :blush:


Also, GIFS.

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YESSS. Thank you so much!

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P.s.: any chance we could get a ‘help me out’ section? As in, we (sellers) help each other out? I’ve seen loadsa posts like on a lot of FB designers groups, maybe that would be great for us to ‘network’ a little bit :sunny:


LOVE that idea @angelainthefields !

That feels like it fits under Shop Talk - do you think it should be a subcategory of its own underneath that?

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It’s looking good! The gorgeous UI is making me want to actually utilize this forum, lol. Thank you :slight_smile:

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So what will happen to the old discussion board and all of its content? Will it all be moved here?

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Agreed, @malihamannan !

@MoonBandit : The previous forum will be retired and redirect users here. The content won’t be moving over. Let me know if there are any threads you want me to bring over!

Maybe bring also the “buyer’s request a product” section?

Also if you make the categories title the same like in the old forum our transition from the old forum be easier


Yeaay! Thank you for the awesome space! :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

@MoonBandit I didn’t find the ‘request a product’ section to be used to heavily, but if we see a need in the future we can totally add it back! As far as the category titles, I’m excited about the changes this fresh start gives us instead of just repeating the old ones — but let me know if anything important feels missing :slightly_smiling_face:

@goodjava Welcome!!! Glad to have you here!

@drew.coffman cool, thanks!.

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