Website slow loading

Any one experiencing slow pages loading since Friday ?

I get always server error 500

Even sometimes, my personal blog site loads slow. It’s not a huge issue I guess.

Hey there @VPcreativeshop , you shouldn’t be experiencing any site slowdowns. might be worth refreshing your browser cache!

@drew.coffman yeah did it same thing - tried on my phone, iPad, computer and laptop (safari, google chrome) - same thing and sometimes error 500. Tried on 5G and wi-fi :smiley: other websites loading just fine

Would definitely recommend you contact our Support team to see if they can look at your account and troubleshoot what you’re experiencing!

@drew.coffman yeah i did today, sent screen recording because when i am not logged in the website loads smoothly, but when i log in I can’t even load my shop, don’t mention uploading something :grin: can you contact them as well so it can be resolved faster? Really frustrating

@drew.coffman here is screen recording video : Dropbox - Screen Recording 2021-08-19 at - Simplify your life

The support Billy just ignored me yesterday and this is issue is critical for me as you see. I can’t upload anything