Website Irritations! Back button, Page Forward

BACK BUTTON: I do a lot of browsing of artists’ creations. Going page after page to see what other items I might like. If a creator has 80 pages of images and I am on page 67 and I click one of their items to get a better look at it, and then click back to continue browsing, I get put alllll the way back on page one. At this point, there is no way I am clicking all the way through, one page at a time, to get back to page 67 to resume my browsing of that artist’s items.
I know I can right-click to open a new tab to avoid this, but I forget to do this (quite a lot) and wind up frustrated and leaving, and I might have missed something amazing.

PAGE FORWARD: If you do a search for an item…say “Glitter” and you click to go to the next page, you are placed in the MIDDLE of the results and must scroll up to see the top, and then scroll back down through the results.

If you use the dropdown menus at the top “Graphics - Fonts - Templates” etc and choose a category - you see a nice display of choices you can scroll through to the bottom. Then you page forward…and you are put at the very BOTTOM of the next page instead of the top, having to scroll to the top.

All these things make shopping very frustrating! (this is on Firefox)


Hello @Isabliss - I wanted to first thank you for the post and feedback. Our team has just rolled out a change and should improve the experience for folks here. Give it a look and let us know if you have any other feedback.

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my creativemarket irritation out of the blue all my listings disappeared from search on here.

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