Virtually No Sales Feb 2021

Has anyone elses sales dropped off the face of the planet in February. I’ve never had such an awful month in the last 4 years.


salutation! Covid 19

Is there more covid 19 around in february then? because Sales have been fine for the last 12 months. Makes no sense. They have literally stopped.

I don’t know. I sell the themes on the websites. I do not even know that this month will be shopping. Because today they can buy 10-15 pieces. And there will be no purchases for the next month. And on the trail of the month again 10-15-20. So I think it depends on what you sell on the season probably!

I appreciate some seasonality, but most of my products that sell well are general, and we’re not talking about a huge number. but to drop from average $150 a month every month for years to $14 is a bit odd.


Hi @neoinkdesign … so sad to hear that… All i can say is to speak of my numbers and really (at least for me) nothing has changed much… same average traffic numbers, same average earnings… So really don’t think is a “for all” issue… Maybe you need to work on new product?.. Or implement some changes? (for example to try new presentation shoot of the products?)

Just my 2 cents…



Could be right - perhaps the algorithms are just kicking my ass. Have to get my product hat on and push forward

I’m not receiving weekly emails from Creative Market anymore, probably around a month or a little more now? I wonder if that’s part of it.