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Hi Everyone! I’m running my shop for a while but I feel I’m still a beginner. I need your advice. All of my products are unique and I never use the same pics (I paint watercolor). I modify colors of one picture but only in the same collection. I’m wondering: do you reuse the same pieces in different products? Maybe it’s not fair for customers? I don’t have returning buyers but I would like to. So, what’s your strategy? I’m really curious!

Hiya! I reuse the same graphics and recolor them for a different theme. Used to be super against it (I’m from a fashion print background so if you reuse something there you land yourself in front of a lawyer :joy: )

But my customers started asking if I’m planning to add it in different colorways so I caved and did - turns out that if someone gets your graphics to e.g. put it onto their packaging or stationery and that becomes a great seller - they’ll want the same thing but slightly different for a new edition (so their customers still recognise it!)

Sorry for the wall of text lol, hope this helps :slight_smile:


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Thank you for your answer! It was very helpful and not too long at all :slight_smile:
It’s great that you get such feedback from your customers!
All the best!

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