User has been leaving negative reviews on multiple Free Goods

Wanted to share this, as I feel it’s unfair to the talented and generous creators who have shared their goods for free, only to be left with a negative review.

The user leaving the reviews:

I think it would be right for these reviews to be removed, and for this user to be warned. It’s clear that their reviews are not genuine.

@BilberryCreate @antipixel

Hey @poego ! Thanks for bringing this to our attention!

All shop owners are always entitled to have any reviews looked at by our Support team. If the Support team sees that the review doesn’t meet our standard of quality, we’ll remove it. We love hearing from our customers but sometimes the reviews don’t meet our criteria or are about something outside of the shop owners control. In that case, they’re removed so they don’t impact the shop owner.

Hope this helps provide some clarity about what can be done!


Thanks @drew.coffman.

We have reached out to the support team and this is what they have said:
The Support Team is unable to remove reviews unless they violate our review guidelines. We do not feel that these reviews violate our guidelines.

Very disappointed to see clearly fake reviews leave negative comments on products that were offered for free to the Creative Market community.