Upload Issue and not showing on shop page

Hi, anyone experiencing product isn’t showing on store page and stuck in " Your file is currently being processed. This page will update when your file is ready."

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Hi, I’ve facing the same problem, does anyone have solved this? its been quite while since the message is not disappear and my product can’t live

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Yeah same here. Hope it get’s resolved soon

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mine was already about 5 hours and still the same, the status is live but not showing on store, nor if you take the product direct link and paste in into another browser it wont show :frowning:

Hi @drew.coffman are you aware of some ongoing system maintenance or issues concerning product uploads?

Same here. Tried to get my new product live, but it’s still in the draft mode.

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I have the same problem.

I Have had the same issue using firefox… but it worked when i have updated a product using chrome…

Hey everyone, it looks like this issue has been resolved! Please let me know if you’re still having any issues :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi Drew,
I am. Posted an update a good 4/5 hours ago and it is still being processed.

@drew.coffman sorry but the issue is still the same, I’ve uploaded the file yesterday (15 hours+ ago) and still not appearing on shop page and the status is still " Your file is currently being processed."

Hey @Prettywebdesign and @artonpixel , I would recommend re-uploading the file and seeing if that fixes things!

yes, I think the issue is resolved now, I will try adding few more products and see if everything is back to normal, thank you!

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What I did was remove the file, save as draft, uploaded again and saved it as a draft again.
Then saved as live.
Product is now active.

I kept getting a further error message saying

Cannot add content file while adding / removing previous content file

But the above resolved it.