Unable to request payout or contact CM support

I’m unable to request payout. I get told I’m on an unrecognised device.

CreativeMarket’s emails don’t arrive to my Gmail. They’re not in trash, promotions etc. When I click the “send again” button, I get sent to an error page.

So, I try contacting CM support, and the chat widget just loads endlessly after sending my message.

I have two accounts and this is happening on both. Sales notifications from CM are coming through just fine - there is no issue with my email.

How to contact support when the chat widget doesn’t work?

p.s, this issue happens all the time (and I see others in the forum complaining about it). The 2FA system on CreativeMarket is terrible.

Sorry to hear about this @AsianElementsHQ ! We’ve filed a bug and are looking into right now. I’ll keep you updated as we look into this issue. In the meantime if you’d like to contact support you can message them directly at support@creativemarket.com :slight_smile:

@drew.coffman @AsianElementsHQ Having the same problem with my shop. Contacting support at the email address provided since chat and the other email feature is broken

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The same problem
Creative Market emails don’t arrive to my email
So, I cannot verify my work computer because I cannot receive an email from the creative market…(

I have the same problem too,
I didn’t receive email from creativemarket