Traffic, traffic, where have you gone?

Where did all the CM traffic go? My traffic has done a waterfall off a cliff this past few months and I don’t understand how? Anyone else feeling the same?


Here is a recent thread with the same topic.

For me it is constant, similar to the last two months.
What is the average traffic on your shop @ParaScopeDesign For me is 2400 views.

For me my average views aren’t as high as yours but in March I had 997 total and this month down to just 257 and all sales have dropped by about 75%. Not sure what’s going on but hopefully it’s just temporary. Love your fonts and monograms @Headfonts you have amazing products and I’m a big fan of your work, wish you all the best.Screen Shot 2021-04-15 at 1.49.43 PM


I have the same situation, I already wrote in support, I also hope this is temporary.

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Same here @ParaScopeDesign I also appreciate your work and encourage you to move forward with your shop and create beautiful products.

I have the same problem.
Sales dropped after April 1st :pensive:

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Strange isn’t it? I can understand a slight decrease but when it just drops like that makes you wonder how that’s possible. Hopefully it will pick back up soon.