This site is giving away and resseling CM products

A customer of mine recently told me that this site was giving away one of my brush packs. Well after a few mins of browsing the site I found that they are giving away and reselling a lot of CM products.

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Thanks for the heads up.

A lot of shop owners have been saying their products have been showing up on these pirating sites. I just had someone buy one of my products only to have it refunded because they used a fraudulent card (probably stolen). C.M. did the right thing and refunded the card - but I assume the person was able to download my product anyway…so I may see it on a pirated site soon.

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Thanks for alerting us to this. One of my products is on there, unfortunately. How do we go about getting the site taken down again?

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I contacted the sites legal team and told them that I was the owner of the digital assets (I linked to my CM and DC and everything) and this is all they had to say for it

@Sofydoll_Designs i am so sorry to hear about that. People really can be the worst :pensive:

It seems that a lot of these people are also downloading the CM weekly free goods and reselling those too.

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@Kassandra-Escoe I saw their reply to you…what a stupid response they gave. Why would someone who wasn’t the creator ask to have the product taken down? Sounds like you already sent them the evidence but they are stalling. There’s another thread here addressing these types of sites…I think someone also posted how you can get them to take them down.

It is now a felony to deal in pirated content. Its also a felony now to steal or pirate content online.

If you want to know how to get your copyrighted content taken down please watch my 100% free course, I am a former paralegal and very well versed in copyright law and semi-hacker :slight_smile: