They are reselling our products!

Hi guys,

These fraudsters are reselling many of our products!!!

Please make a report in order to shut this down! So frustrated about this!!


They are selling my stuff too. I’ve just sent my complaint to their domain host. Did you manage to get an email address for them? I have searched high and low and so far the only way I’ve found to contact them is through their Contact Form which absolutely sucks.

Were you successful in getting your stuff removed rom their platform?


At first they had uploaded one product and when I complained they deleted it immediately. Now when I looked again they had uploaded 7 more and even advertise it on Instagram… search for the name “brushespack”… I spammed them with negative comments and they didn’t even bother to delete them. what can we do??

@drew.coffman can CM do anything about this? Make complaints as a firm to somebody? I don’t know!

It’s freaking exhausting! I literally burst into tears when someone told me they’d found my stuff on there. I waste so much time fighting this rubbish.

Did you get an email address from them?
If so Please could you share it.

Unfortunately I didn’t find their email but I sent them many direct messages on Instagram.

I tried to report them on Instagram but Instagram denied my report. If we all did that maybe it would at least remove their Instagram page…?

I have an idea.
Digital product designers pool together funds into an account ( $5 per month per designer ).
This account pays a white hat hacker to disrupt and crash a list of sites selling or giving away our products. You have to fight fire with fire!


Hey there, I wanted to open a thread concerning this site and then I saw this here… :slight_smile: You know, usually, it doesn’t bother me anymore because I think: People who download my files for free (or steal it) would never have become paying customers. BUT this site SELLS our stuff so the people buying there, think it’s totally okay to do so. They think they’re making a good deal. They sell my brushes too and also brushes from another account of mine…

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I can’t find a way to contact them. Do you have any ideas how we could band together and force them to take our stuff down?

BrushesPack, this scam website is adding every single day more and more products. Now I can recognize there almost every single popular product appeared on Creative Market…

this situation is affecting apart from us the entire CM platform. Please guys do something as a company!! If Creative Market sent a notice that there will be legal action if they don’t remove all these stolen items, they would probably remove them out of fear…

Hey everyone, sorry that you’re being impacted by the piracy of this shop. Seeing our shop owner’s products on sites like this is disheartening for us too! We highly value your intellectual property, and we work extremely hard behind the scenes to prevent it from happening on our marketplace through blocking suspicious downloads before they can even happen.

I’m seeing some questions asking if our marketplace can take action against these sites in your behalf. Under our Terms of Service, as the shop owner you retain the full copyright to your products. Therefore, we have no legal option to do this. If you see your products being shared on other sites without your permission, the best course of action is to send a DMCA notice to the site and their host. I know most of you know that, but that’s the law from which we (and you) have to operate.

Hope that clears things up and I’m glad to hear some products have been removed!

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I have got a bunch of stuff taken down from google recently.
File a copyright complaint with google. Don’t bother sending the site a DMCA. If they were going to play by the rules they wouldn’t have stolen it in the first place. They will just ignore it.
See attachement

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I also have contacted them multiple times with no answer. :clown_face: :clown_face: Soooo frustrating…

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