The straw that broke the camels back

I have been a buyer here at CM for years. I’m a buyer who cares about the sellers!! I have bought as much as I can spend money on in my budget. IMO this is the best place to buy digital design. Recently there have been major changes that have caused the artists (sellers) here to fork over more money! And now they want to charge the buyers a fee per purchase which is what Graphic River does. Note I have not bought anything there since they implemented that. We pay for the design, we pay taxes, we now have to pay a fee! I am sure sales are down because of Covid too. Raising the fees and making the designers fork over more of their sells is the wrong way to go about this. In times of hardship the best option is to be sensible and to think of everyone involved not to make a money grab and cause others hardship. Adding the fee per purchase is the straw that broke the camels back. Also implementing a base selling fee is not smart either. It should be up to the designer to choose the price. I personally message many people on here and email them and everyone is tired of this and what to find better options. I think it is sad to put money before people, especially in the world of artists. Most artists are doing this because its their passion. I foresee that by next year the fee per purchase will be double. It just goes on and on. My best option now is to voice my opinion and I am sure that many feel this way also. I hope this greed stops soon.


Many shop owners on here have a personal website its usually in their profile and they the transaction fee is usually 3% or less vs 40% of creativemarkets cut.

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Totally agree with you. You’re right.
Creative market will end up drowning our little stores.