The new Platform Fee

Being a customer I think this is so petty and I will from this day FORWORD BUY DIRECTLY FROM THE SELLERS AT THEIR WEBSITES.


so now it’s clear why sales are going down at many shops. dark ux scheme at the licensing choices + extra fee for customers … would be interesting to see overall revenue and sales numbers of whole CM…


I believe that when you start a business, you don’t have everything figured it out, you learn with time, mistakes and experience, but one thing you have to know is that you have to come up with a budget that covers your expenses as a company.
CM is a business, it collects 40% of every purchase made, that amount of money that it receives every single moment should cover all the costs involved in “hosting and delivering the assets”. I don’t think Creative Market uses a more expensive hosting provider than others similar businesses or has a special, out of this world delivery system, it’s just virtual storage in some third party cloud solution. So, charging an extra fee plus taking 40% of every designer is not a good business practice. On top of that, you have to add the confusing issue about license prices: you show one price, and a different one appears when you click on the product (that “more options” link is barely noticeable).
I have to say, that for the first time in at least five years I haven’t sold a thing for a week.

I have never seen CM back down from its mistakes, all it does is write some mumble jumble jargon that doesn’t explain or justify its decisions.

I sincerely hope this time Creative Market owners and CEOs listen to the community that makes them earn money and not only care about milking the cow


@ amount and license should be clear and visual that give customers instant idea to choose

And yeah at the other end it may be good for long time for selling I guess If they keep commercial license only then. Commercially user may be gathered due to this changes. And which give constant source to designer and CM after certain period (audience gathering also take time).

I am absolutely appalled by this! You take 40% from us, now charging the customer extra just to be on this platform? Rediculous.

Your license area is very unclear, forcing customers to choose the most expensive options by default.

I am sorry but this is not very honest. I don’t like it.

All the big box stores are also now screwing the customers by increasing prices, no longer offering coupons and treating buyers like criminals. Why are CM nickle-and-diming the shop owners AND their buyers? We are the ones paying YOU guys salaries and keeping you in business. Are you sitting around the table rubbing your hands together while the CEO has his pinky finger up saying “ONE MILLION DOLLARS!!!”? Greed. Pure Greed.

I started uploading new stuff on here, thinking it was improving, but upon reading all the comments in the forums, you guys are still where you were 3 years ago. As soon as you started hiding the personal license - my sales have dropped dramatically. So has many others who were doing quite well on here. BIG MISTAKE!!

And, the bulk edit still does not work. IDK, I might have to just give up on CM and find a different (HONEST) marketplace.



Yes I think it’s that hidden personal license that’s responsible for sales plummeting more than anything. I’m sure plenty of Creative Market sales are from new users or unfamiliar users. They see those whopping commercial fees (not realizing there is a hidden personal license option) and nope out of this site to find an affordable platform. Wondering why they’d hide that option if it’s the most popular option bought? Upping cost and hiding affordability does not automatically equal more money Creative Market… Know your market!


Its not the dollar its the principal. I buy a lot and the 1 dollar fee is to me a scam to get more money. They did the same on Graphic River and I have NOT purchased their since. Majority of all you artists are so talented you just need your own website and could do just as good w/o this money grabbing stuff they are imposing. . I am going to artist websites now and buying.


EXACTLY all these fees its insane and makes the management appear to be extremely greedy. They get mad at me for voicing my support for the artists and delete my posts. LOL You are very very talented and you dont need to be here. You can stand on your own with the quality of your work.


Thanks for supporting the artists !

Hey, just a quick reminder: Drew is the community manager here on CM and he 100% does not want to destroy this market. I checked that :male_detective:t2:. Actually no one wants that. Please stay nice :slight_smile:


Ditto what @ana.yvy said.

On the topic of hiding the personal license though - I like this bit of cheeky dark UX - I’m now getting way more commercial license sales than before.

I reckon most purchases are for commercial use in some format (talking about my own experience here, I sell patterns mostly), I think just most people don’t really read the license info and go for the cheapest.

Being forced to read it now or by default seeing the commercial license first deffo helped here - but obv a lot of the personal license buyers dropped out now so sales have dropped in numbers. I do however think this might be good in long term.

Not formed an opinion yet on the platform fee - gonna need some time and checking with my customers to see if it makes an impact. I am getting more multiple product sales though, reckon it’s caused by this.

This platform is a sinking ship. They had such a great model in 2014/15 and totally ruined it. How long before they up the commission to 50%.


I bought mockups recently and was surprised by this $ 1. If the product costs $ 20? then $ 1 = 5% … and if buyers take a personal license … $ 9, then they have to pay another 11% ???
I’m shocked


I was just about to mention this and I’m going to open a thread on it specifically to highlight it. The price for items (doesn’t include fonts) is very, very misleading. It might state $20 but when a customer clicks on the product the price may actually be $35 as the lower fee is the ‘personal’ use which as you say is hidden under the ‘more options’. Its small things like this that I feel are having a massive negative impact on CM. That’s boils down to a very misleading price advertisement and feels like customers are being lied to.

Not the first time recently I’ve seen this. I have a preview image of my Merchant ledger font used in a recent email promotion from CM advertising the Typewriter font category. ‘Wow, great’ I thought, ‘This should spike some sales’, only to find my font wasn’t even included in the page that the email linked to. Very very misleading. Theses are all small bricks in a wall of trust that seems to be getting pulled down constantly.


That wall is deliberate. It’s not about the shop owners. It’s not about the buyers. It’s not about incentivizing creators. It’s not about providing a “better” service to customers. It’s not about platform security. It has zero benefit to anyone but the executives and investors. This is generally the case with profit-driven companies…it’s just more blatant and unapologetic here.


I do not understand why they cut fees from customers?

So as a nice christmas gift to shop owners a couple years ago, you guys suprised us by increasing your commission on our work to 40%, and now without telling anybody, you’ve gone ahead and added another fee on top of everybody’s products? What a nice, honest company CM has become.


They used to be very receptive to the community, and fix any mistakes they would make, all up until the big autodesk merger, and it just snowballed downhill from there. The old top management must have made a killing though, but they’re long gone, off to repeat the same cycle on another company.


This article states that new platform $1 fee is taken to secure transactions. And to be honest - last fraudulent purchase from my store was more than a year ago. So at least it works.


I had one end of August so no, it doesn’t work in regards to fraudulent purchases. Every ecommerce site should be secure no matter what. They shouldn’t be charging customers a fee for that.