The new Platform Fee

I just noticed Creative Market is now charging customers a “platform fee” of about $1 for every purchase… it is applied at the checkout. It says “This fee helps us run Creative Market’s services and keep your transactions reliable and secure. It is a fixed amount applied to every order”.

Why does the customer have to pay for their transaction to be reliable and secure?

I am glad this fee doesn’t come out of sellers pockets however we already hand over 40% from each sale, which is a huge amount. Is that already not enough to run the website properly?


I didn’t see this, but if this is the case, I don’t see the reason why 1$ is been taken from the customers at all! Because we already are paying a great amount of fee, as you stated.


Hi there,

I don’t see this on my checkout page at all. Maybe @drew.coffman can tell more about this?

Hey there! You can learn more about the Platform Fee at this Support article, which explains why and how we’re including it in purchases:

“This fee helps us run Creative Market’s services and keep your transactions reliable and secure. It is a fixed value applied to each order. The Platform Fee will help cover the cost of various services to host and deliver the design asset you ordered in a secure and reliable manner.”

This feels shady an unnecessary. If CM keeps heading in this direction I think it won’t be long before they are replaced. Sad because I really thought CM would help me out by getting my product to those that would use them, but time and time again I see other less diverse products being staff picked and promoted, why? Feeling deflated. I’ve released 6 product recently but none have had any sales, none have been staff picked and even though I’ve tried to offer a free product I’ve been denied. Why, what is going on at CM?


What the hell! Is CM trying to discourage buyers??? This is ridiculous. First the commission increase and now our customers are being charged an additional fee of which we see none of the revenue while you continue to take our money and not provide any measurable benefit? Who is running this place??


Absolutely insane fee. Even the largest file sizes delivered by CM costs nowhere near a dollar. This is a fee that CM should eat 100% of the time for their hefty 40% fee. That being said, expected.


Well…I don’t think this is a good idea, especially now, in a time where traffic seems to be down for a lot of us and every sale counts.

I agree with what others have said in this thread. Making sure that transactions are secure should be the responsibility of CM only, not buyers - Security/reliability should be a standard part of an online marketplace, not a premium feature.

I haven’t seen this kind of fee on other other platforms so I don’t know if it’s common, but it seems strange to me at least.

I hope CM will reconsider this choice.


TheHungryJpeg has a similar fee for orders below $3 or $5 which I’ve always considered fair enough - it makes sense that a marketplace wouldn’t want to encourage orders where the transaction costs outstrip the profits. But implementing such a fee for every single transaction is pretty outrageous.

My purchases on other platforms like TheHungryJpeg, CreativeFabrica, FontBundles or Designcuts have always been secure and reliable without having to pay extra for it.

At this point it makes zero sense to purchase products on CM if they’re also available on other sites. They’re more expensive and the licensing options are infinitely worse.


What would be the reason for this? It seems this would discourage buyers to purchase, especially impulse purchases. Hopefully, this will encourage them to buy more than one product at once.


@angelekamp I’m thinking it could be a mix of the two outcomes myself. Obviously, we’ll never know if it discouraged someone from making a sale, but I have already had someone make multiple purchases from my shop since it was introduced - again, impossible to tell if this was them trying to reduce the impact of the Platform Fee or they were always going to buy multiple products.

What leaves a sour taste in my mouth is the sneaky way it was introduced. No email or post on here about it being introduced (at least I don’t think so) - it took a shop owner to notice an additional fee was being added, bring that to our attention on the forum and then CM is like ‘oh yeah, about that………’


Lol, remember when acquired CreativeMarket, immediately increased the take rate to 40% and told us “don’t worry, it’ll be invested into growing your sales!”… yet sales fell off a cliff.

And now this for customers too?

Pure rent-seeking.


OMG you take from us 40%!(for a platform that is not working appropriate) so isnt it enough CM???


This is what CM said in their article…

Will my earnings be impacted?
“Ideally, no, but we are testing carefully to ensure that Creative Market continues to grow with the right dynamics for buyers and Shop Owners.”

So get ready everyone. In a couple of months, this will come out of our pockets.


So true @MadebyMade - followed by a video from the CEO explaining how this extra money from us will help them fund loads of exciting ways of marketing the site and bringing in new customers which will benefit us all in the long run lol.

I wish we had some kind of sellers union, where we all remove our products in unison to help remind them who makes this site a success and who deserves a little more respect sometimes.


This is interesting - I was trying to figure out why I suddenly have so many multiple product orders (same buyers buys 2-3 products at once) which has never happened to me before - I wonder if it’s because of this & if now bundles will be even more appealing because a dollar on 40-50 isn’t much as compared to 12-15.


Didn’t notice this either, but as @mattborchert said, this is a fee CM should 100% covering (here’s an idea you could soe of the extra 10% you’re taking of shopowners to cover it)…but it’s expected. Honestly feel like a rat on a sinking ship at the minute. Something very wrong at CM and its getting worse.

Do you all recall being told the hike from 30% - 40% was to cover advertising and promotion and we’d most likely see increases in traffic and sales? Yea, the exact opposite is happening for so many shop owners. Feels like Cm has now just become a cash cow for the owners and look who is doing all the work…us. @StudioAurora Absolutely agree.

Really sad to say, but it genuinely, after years of successful selling on here, looks like its time to focus my efforts somewhere else. :persevere:


I totally agree. It would have been a lot better if we found this out through an email instead of coincidence.

On another note, I had 2 sales with multiple product purchases this week. Which is pretty rare otherwise.


Most people don’t have a problem with incremental fees when there is a visible increase in service delivered. For example, that streaming service that we all know and love raised their monthly charge by a couple of bucks and that resulted in almost more content than can even be consumed.

But in this instance, the costs to customers and the creators that actually power the marketplace are going up and the service is taking a nosedive.

Not mentioning the platform fee doesn’t seem like an oversight, but most likely wasn’t mentioned because it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that it isn’t going to be a popular idea.

But it was done anyway, which tells us our opinion here means increasingly little.


Friend of mine reached out to me yesterday asking why the personal license option was gone on C.M. (she wasn’t buying one of my products but she knows I sell on here). I explained that it’s there but under ‘more options’. She thanked me and then came back later and asked me about the platform fee. Told her it was a new thing C.M. was doing. She likes the marketplace but both things left a sour taste in her mouth.

I doubt it’s completely why sales are down for so many sellers but it’s foolish to think it’s not a contributing factor. Really hope C.M. rethinks some things.