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Question for technical support. I helped add a free product here on the forum. And I found that I was missing many of the products on the suggested list as free. I wanted to add to the free products and them a large Poster Bundle, only it is not on the list, and many of my other products.
The question is how to be and what to do?

Hey @AndreyKENO , sorry but I’m not quite sure what you’re asking. Where were the products missing, and where do you want to list them as free?

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On the page with my products, statistics, if the button offer as a free product (1 screenshot). Further, the choice of a product for provision on Free Goods. And there are not many products on this list (2 screenshot).

Hey @AndreyKENO , when you submit a product as a Free Good, it’s just an application to be considered for the selection we regularly give away. We get a TON of applications every day, so not all goods will be picked. Hope that makes sense :slightly_smiling_face:

The product is not in the list so that you canot select it for submission to the application.

Is there a particular item that you can’t find on the list?

Big bundle 40 cartoon posters

@drew.coffman So can you help me?