Tax forms bug - how to recover what I lost?

The reason my earnings were so small because of a bug that happened while I was updating my tax forms. I dutifully filled them out days ahead of the deadline – however, at some point the form redirected me to the Payouts page where I was told I could not request payments unless I updated my file.

The only option available to me then was to “Request Payout” which I assumed meant my forms were updated successfully.

After SEVERAL sales with massive cuts due to this bug, I reviewed my form and this time it directed me to additional boxes to fill out, including signatures and authorization. This was not available during the first time I filled it out.

Is there a way to get back what I lost?

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How to see location of customers?

Is there a way to see where each buyer is coming from?

Since I’m a seller outside of the US, I only earn 60% per sale—excluding taxes.

For the first time ever I had customers whose taxes amounted to 50% of my earnings—which only leaves me 30% of the total sale. That’s a HUGE blow.

I’m bummed about it but there’s nothing I can do. I just hope to see where these areas are so I can understand.

Hope someone can help enlighten me! Thanks!

Hi @palettepursuit , please reach out to our Support team with any questions in regards to payouts specific to your account! :slight_smile: