Sync to Dropbox issue

“ SYNC TO DROPBOX “ feature is not working - with last update 3 weeks ago. I have disconnect and reconnected Dropbox account but still a problem of syncing to Dropbox. Pls help


I support, but my Facebook is not connected.

Hey @contactsaikat , we’re aware of some issues syncing to Dropbox and are working on fixing it! Thanks for letting us know it’s important to you :slightly_smiling_face:


Drop box has issues with files to, I do not use drop box. I wish creative market had its own cloud storage :slight_smile:

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Also having this issue. Been over a week. :frowning:

Hey everyone, this issue should be resolved! Let me know if you’re experiencing any issues from this point on :slightly_smiling_face:


It was not solved and I see a lot of my downloads are not synced and some freebies that were deleted from the site does not sync

Hey @crisorlandobr , since the main issue we were seeing across users has been solved, I’d recommend you reach out to the Support team and let them know what you’re seeing, they’ll be happy to check on your issue and get it fixed! How can we help?