SVG Fonts : Embedding, Outlining etc

Hello everyone - I hope my question isn’t ignorant - I’ve really tried to find coherent and helpful answers on the internet but haven’t found anything.

I’ve been a graphic designer for quite some time but SVG fonts continue to perplex me once I am ready to share the files with printing shops etc. I read online that it’s not necessary (or even possible) to outline SVG fonts in Illustrator… so of course when I save my designs to a PDF, the font gives “missing font” errors when opened by people who don’t have the same HUGE library of fonts that I do. I’ve attempted to embed my fonts but either I am not doing it correctly, missing a step, or certain fonts won’t export.

So my question is : How do you share files with printmakers 1) with an SVG font in the file 2) what may be the best practice for exporting files going forward? Perhaps there’s been a change in how this should be done?? Is it customary to package all the fonts I’m using with my files eventhough I’ve outlined everything?

I use all the latest updates of Adobe CC products.

Thanks in advance!

Svg fonts continue to be problematic if you can outline them you can try rasterizing them. I had to purchase an entirely new font manager because the svg fonts would make suitcase fusion crash.