SVG files - what people use them for?

Hi everyone!

I wanted to ask people who use SVG graphic files – what do use them for? What are the main use cases?

I usually save my illustrations as Ai, EPS, PNG and JPG, but it seems like SVG are getting more popular, so I’m thinking about adding them as well. But I’m not yet sure how best to do it. Should I save elements as separate SVG files? Or one SVG file with all the elements as I do for Ai and EPS?

Any insights about SVG are welcome! :slight_smile:

I do SVG for all my vector stuff - people put them into Canva or other software that supports vector formats (Cricut as well can cut SVG files for example).
I usually do one AI file with everything in there and then I do an artboard for each element separately and save as SVG (as separate files per object) and export as PNG (as separate files per object, transparent object). That way people can use them separately. :slight_smile:

Hi, svg is good for web sites when you need to put an icon and it does not lose quality and does not pixelate. Especially when the site is already being laid out

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@angelainthefields @NikolayDzhi Thank you for the information! I’ll keep that in mind. :slight_smile:

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SVGs can also be imported into 3d programs (well blender for what i know). So easily turn your 2d logo into a 3d logo.

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Then I guess it’s better to save the elements separately, if they are going to be imported to other programs.

Thank you for the information!