Staff Picks Questions

Hi everyone!
My name is Anna.
I constantly monitor Staff Picks and in recent months I have seen that the selection has been irregular. Sometimes it happens once every three days. And this limits the author’s ability to get featured and draw attention to their new products.
Maybe someone knows if this is temporary?
Or is there a day now that is best to upload new items?

Thank you! :blush:



This is a great question! Last year none of my products were handpicked (staff picked), while couple of years before that, almost every product was. I thought maybe I publish them in a wrong time…


the last product I published, a font named Fathead , was published on Tuesday and was handpicked.

And that was the last Staff Picks last week :woman_shrugging:t2:

Yeah, we also curious about this! we hope @drew.coffman could give some insights about this.

Hey there everyone! We’re constantly looking through the new products being uploaded on the marketplace and adding them to Staff Picks. While we can’t guarantee that any products will be Staff Picked, I can definitely tell you that we’re always looking for products that fit current trends and what we’re seeing customers shop for on the marketplace.

I also regularly send in my favorite new products to our curation team, so if you have a product you’re proud of, be sure to post it in the Share Your Latest Products threads!

Hi Anna,
none of my products have been handpicked for something about 3 years, even when the product was in line with trends, but I often saw similar products that were staff picked. It demotivates me a lot, one of the reasons why I haven’t made a new product for a year. A week ago I added a new font collection (3 months of work) and it wasn’t selected either.
Now I don’t see any rule on the basis of which staff selects products - In the past, it was best to add a product on a Monday or Tuesday and if handpicked - to be in an email with the new products on Wednesday.


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