Sound/Audio Category?

Can anyone on the CM team share if there’s any plans for creators to sell audio/loops/sound effects, etc. here? If folks are making video content for social media (self promo or for clients), I think adding a category for audio would make a lot of sense. I know there are other audio platforms out there but I’d like to keep everything on CM if possible.



Hi, it would be great! Other audio platforms are not useful I think. (like ux design, approval time, support team, etc) What platforms do you use for your audios?

The only platform that I really like is Musicbed:

That being said, it would be awesome to have an audio category here at Creative Market where I already have a shop set up.

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Musicbed is not accepting new musician submissions now :sob: I use pond5 but I didn’t decide that I like the site or I dont like :upside_down_face: