Someone sell my product for free

hi! i just saw a site which provide my digital files for FREE (Direct download) . i’ve noticed that it isn’t only my shop, but it include a lot of Creative Market shops (which is weird, i wonder how he manage to get our files since he can’t have bought all of them). While im searching, i also noticed that another person also re-sell my presets in another e-commerce. these things just can’t stop does it?
What do you think we should do? I don’t even feel like reporting or texting the site because i know another person like this will keep appearing beyound my control…

Hey, sorry you have to deal with this.
You can open a google DMCA. I would also recommend to let the shop owners you maybe recognise on CM know about their shop being affected so they can react on that too. You can send them a direct message.

More informations are available over here:

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Could please tell us what is the website? so CM user can check this out?
I know that there is strange platform selling photos published on Unsplash and Pixabay. They were selling my photos - I contacted them directly and provided all links (with the original sources as well) they removed my photos from their website.

these 3 are the ones i can find, im sure there is more, it consists of a lot of creative market products. its weird how they get the files because i doubt they buy each of them. really concerning.