Site hacked? Strange Purchase Trend Happening

Curious if the site is being hacked in someway.

A year ago a user reached out and asked me if I’m using my shop and if not, they’d like to buy it from me. I ignored this message, but found it suspicious.

Now, in the last two days I’ve noticed my sales are skyrocketing after being relatively slow for sometime. Yet, the purchases are always by accounts with random characters as usernames.

A couple of the sales were cancelled due to bad credit card information, which I’ve not encountered before.

I’ve also noticed the activity is always at night, which makes me think it is happening in another country…where many hacks originate from.

The question is, why would someone want to do this with potentially stolen credit card numbers or whatever it is they’re up to? Anyone else seeing these sales trends?

I’d love to just think a promotion has created a favorable circumstance, but this looks too fishy.

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I had one sale with a long string of numbers in the buyer’s username. I also saw a spike in sales but just the one suspicious one. I thought that the emails that CM has sent out this week were better aesthetically than they have been lately, I looked at almost every product in the emails. Maybe that has something to do with it.

Following this issue, also some spike in sales happen from suspicious account, reported to Creative Market, but no answer.