Should I give up?

I have purchased a few sets of brushes from the same shop. But there was some Shutterstock watermarks appeared on the drawing (not just from there’s also from other websites and some Russian characters watermarks) So I looked into grain source, found out the creator of the brush-sets tend to use these unlicensed stock photos to make brushes, there were many of them with watermarks.

So I uploaded a few pictures to show how bad and visible they are to [Support], requested a refund but they refused, my only option was that exchange program, and said they would only issue a refund in this case if there was actually a technical problem with the product that the shop owner could not resolve, or if the product was misrepresented in the description.

I tried to contact the seller but she asked me which one got the watermarks, then she never responds again.

Then I respond to the support email telling them a full refund is preferred, and the product is indeed considered misrepresented in the description because none of their product photos was showing there’s any watermarks/logos. Also about how the image is unlicensed, and therefore illegal use. I don’t want to get involved in any possible lawsuits.

I have sent them a screenshot of the grain source from the brush. And the link to the original vector stated the image has never been download, no one has brought that yet.

And CM support’s response was “Thanks for writing in to notify us of your concern that a Creative Market member may have infringed your copyright.” And ask me to submit my claim in a particular form through the Digital Millennium Copyright Act/DMCA]

I wonder if there were real people behind or I was interacting with a robot or some A.I? I just want to get my money back but do I really have to do these whole claiming things? I don’t own any of her stolen material images for the brush. Yes, I managed to find some of the sources she stole. Such a chore to do all these.

Is there any hope to get a refund? Or do I have to see it as an unfortunate event and let it go? There’s quite a lot of money to me and I have been saving them for so long…

As a buyer I feel like CM doesn’t really care at this point, once they collected the money. CM being like this is showing me they are allowing sellers to do so. Not much of a difference to Etsy.

Or, anyone can help me to enjoy one of these brush [smh]


Hi @edithlena,

I assume these were Procreate brushes OR?

I make Procreate brushes but have purchased other brushsets in the past and on occasion have found some of the textures they use have a watermark. In some cases it doesn’t effect the brush stroke, in other cases it does. However, I’m not sure why they do this as it’s fairly easy to create textures for brushes. If I can’t create a specific texture, I will purchase it somewhere. This way I can ensure there are no watermarks on it.

I think this is something you really have to talk to the seller about if this is effecting your art and I would be persistent. I can’t speak for them directly, but if it were me and this happened by chance, I would fix the brush(es) in question and resend to you.

Hopefully, with your persistence you can resolve the problem :slight_smile:

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Yes, those were Procreate brushes, I won’t comment on a beginner do such for practice purposes, what irritates me a lot is the seller is an Artist and sell her own postcard on Etsy too. Unfortunately, the seller never responded to my message after she asked which brush got the problem. Fixing the brush and update them is fine by me, but I just it’s too much work for her since 90 percent of her brushes are made by stolen images, and it’s been made a few years ago, the rest are from procreate library, shape source is the same, but it won’t be visible.

Watermarks do not just look bad, I just don’t feel right to use anything made by stolen material. I really don’t know what to do next, DMCA? I do not own the copyright of the images she stole… An honest review would probably bring a negative impact to her shop and who knows if she got kids to feed…

I really appreciate your comment btw!


Hi @edithlena I understand not wanting to leave a negative review, we never know what someone’s circumstances are and it’s thoughtful of you to consider that.

What types of brushes were these, watercolor? pencil?

If you prefer to continue this conversation, shoot me an email at and maybe I can offer some other suggestions.

Hey @edithlena , I passed this on to our Support team and I believe you got the help you needed today! Let me know if you have any other questions! :slight_smile:


Just woke up and got both your reply and the refund email , i really appreciate and such a relief, because i am kind of convinced that I won’t be able to get the money back. Hopefully the whole process would be easier and more human in the future. Thank you so much for your help!


@edithlena It’s good to aware about this kind of brushes.