Should I apply for a new shop&

Hi everyone!

Guys, I just need your advice. I’m selling Canva templates (Instagram, Lead Magnets, Ebooks, Workbooks and more) but want to try my hand in font creation.

Should I apply and open a new shop or post new fonts on my Canva account?! What do you think :sweat:

That depends.

If you are wanting to sell to the same audience I would keep it in the same shop. If you have an established aesthetic that people like and a couple of hundred followers then those followers might also like some fonts that work well with your canva products.

if you plan on having a different aesthetic and are targeting a different audience for sure open a new shop. if you do clean canva templates and hand-drawn playful fonts the two are conflicting and will just make your shop look like it doesn’t have a clear voice. people will not know what to expect from your shop., and you will have trouble finding your niche audinece.

hope that helps. LMK if not and i can clarify hopefully


Im a big advocate for keeping everyone in one shop. Who knows what you will be creating in a few months or next year. Will you open a new shop every time you switch categories?

Also keep in mind that the more shops the more promoting you have to do. Plus it might be confusing for you and your audience to have to navigate multiple shops.

Is it even possible to open more than one shop these days?