"Shop traffic" is not available

Hello there! The “Shop traffic” section is not available in my store.
I contacted the Contact Support, but it didn’t help. Please help me)

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Same happens to me. It’s probably a bug!!

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Thanks! I hope this will be fixed soon)


Same! I’m sure it’ll be fixed soon.


I’m in business, I have the same thing in the morning, I thought it would clear up, but no, there will be no case without contacting the service)))

Creative Market is weak in advertising. Traffic per day for 4-5 views. I do my own advertising everywhere and get 400 and 500 views a day as well as sales. I do not know why they take 40 percent of the sale if they do not give advertising.

Hi! I have the same problem I hope that CM fix it soon

Hey all! We’re working on this! I’ll update this thread as we work on the fix :blush: