Shop Rejected, please help!

I applied to open a shop yesterday and here is the reply I got.

"Unfortunately, we are having trouble verifying your identity, which is an important step to securing your spot on the marketplace.

Please consider using an email address that is also associated with your public social media account(s), and/or sending us some more examples of your online presence. We take this extra step to ensure the safety of our shop owners, and we do so appreciate your understanding."

I am a new digital art seller and just opened my Etsy shop two months ago. Etsy is the only marketplace I am selling my products and the email address I applied with was the only business address I have. I don’t know how to verify my identity. Please give me some advice.

Thank you!


Hi Miranda!

Don’t despair - a lot of us got denied the first time we applied too :slight_smile:

I think what Creative Market might be looking for is more of an established online presence. They want their sellers to look somewhat credible so buyers feel comfortable buying from them. I realize you have a shop on Etsy but also suggest maybe opening a shop on Gumroad - as it’s another good way to establish yourself with buyers. Also, work on building up your Instagram & Pinterest accounts.

For email, you can try a gmail business account or even better, a Microsoft exchange email which is pretty cheap. I think it costs about $5.00 a month for one email address and has less spam issues than gmail. Either way, you will want an email that fits with your brand across the board.

Good luck!
Vicky/aka Sofydoll


@MirandaLi For email matching you can add link tree link in your bio.

Link tree help you to make multiple link in one link which you can put on social media or share as well.

You can add etsy shop, gumroad, payhip (similar to gumroad but have more some feature as well),paypal or contact email.

So It’s easy for CM to identify same owner for social media handle also.

Thank you!
Khushbu Gohil


Thank you so much for the advice! I did what you recommended, I opened a shop on Gumroad and created the linktree link with my social media account. The application was approved this time! Thank you!


@MirandaLi - So glad to hear that! Congrats!

@MirandaLi Woohoo Congratulations :partying_face::clap: That’s Great… I just said otherwise it’s all about your hardwork!! enjoy with it and waiting for your Creative Project.

You can add shop link in your community profile here so fellow can visit :blush:

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Hello Miranda!
Congratulations! :star_struck:
I have the same problem now, could you tell me where did you put your link tree when you applied second time?
Have a good day,

@Ekaterina_Kalinina You can use instagram for linktree placing :blush: