Shop Rejected - Please give me feedback!

I applied for a shop a year ago, with only my graphic design portfolio so I understand why I was rejected. I took time to set up an Etsy with actual digital assets, thinking it would help. But I’ve gotten rejected again. Can you all please help me by looking my stuff over? Thank you so much!

Here is the feedback I received from CM.
“After looking over your application, the quality of the work you’re currently presenting doesn’t match the standards we’ve set for our community. However, with a little time, we think your work could improve and transform into products that would be successful on our marketplace.”

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Hi @DidiFresh I checked your Etsy shop out and I think you need to give your product presentation images a face lift. Check out what other sellers on Creative Market are doing in terms of presenting their work. Also, try and create some unique designs that you may not see a lot of here or on other marketplaces so you stand out. I’m sure with a little time and work you’ll get approved :slight_smile:

Hi! Personally, I like your style very much. It is quite simple and minimalistic. You could redo some of the cover photos though. If you take a look at CM handpicked section you will see that all the favorite products have at least 5 presentation images. My advice would be to present your products with as many details as possible.

  • Make more presentation photos (at least 5)
  • The description of your products should be longer, with more details about what you are selling
  • You could add some of the features of your products in the screenshots

Think from the perspective of a buyer. When you buy something online, you’d like to know as much as possible about the product you are paying for, especially if it’s a digital product.
I hope this will help you :slight_smile:

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