Shop rejected, need advice

Hello! I applied to open a shop yesterday and got rejected, here’s the reply I got :

After looking over your application, the quality of the work you’re currently presenting doesn’t match the standards we’ve set for our community. However, with a little time, we think your work could improve and transform into products that would be successful on our marketplace.

Here are some tips to help you get accepted:

  • Show completed products that you intend to sell
  • Demonstrate how your products would be useful for customers
  • Remove items from your portfolio that do not represent your best work

I notice in the first point they tell me to “Show completed product you intend to sell”, will it be better for me to upload assets I intend to sell here ( I have stocked on some assets I plan on selling here if I get approved)? Also, do I NEED to have another shop or will behance portfolio suffice?
(here’s the link to my behance if anyone is willing to take a look )

I would appreciate it if anyone have any tips or answers to my questions, thankyou in advance!

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Hi @VanessaAdam - welcome to the forums.

I opened a shop here in June but I was also rejected the first time around. I took a few months to work on my techniques and presentation graphics as well as created a website and build up my social media. I was accepted the next time I applied.

While you may not be able to get your own website just yet, you can (in addition to Behance) try opening a shop on Gumroad where you can put up your products to sell. They have a free account plan and it’s pretty flexible. This will be another way for you to showcase the products you plan to sell so C.M. can see next time you apply (and maybe you’ll sell a few in the process). Linktree (also free) is a good tool to use so you connect all your accounts, portfolios Etc in one place.

Good luck!


Hi! @Sofydoll_Designs , thank you for your response!

When you re-applied to CM, have you started selling on your own website? if yes, did the number of sales matter? Like, if I started selling on Gumroad do I need to sell a lot before I can get approved or does it not matter as much?

Again, thankyou so much for your answers :heart::heart:

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@VanessaAdam It’s not required number of sell (if etsy then number is there so CM take that point for is there iteams is selling or not because if not selling means may be possible CM also can’t get revenue from that type of seller) But it’s not required.

Online store is good to represent because you got to aware about license, Price,terms, analysis skill that also useful in CM.

Best way to approved is according to your area of interest how other seller represent their products on Creativemarket.

Another is check top seller shop which kind of theme and iteams they offer in your area of interest. So you may prepare upcoming Trend product.

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@Khushbugohil I see, thankyou for the answers and advice!

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@VanessaAdam Your Welcome

I would place your designs on some items to give people a good idea of how your patterns would look and feel! Maybe show a package wrapped in wrapping paper with your designs applied, or a notebook cover, greeting cards etc. Look on the site and see how people have visualised their patterns on products! hope this was of some help.

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@gnmooreca I’ve already put my pattern on a mockup, but maybe I’ll use more mockups to give people an even better picture. This definitely helps! Thanks a lot!

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