Shop Rejected a Second Time - Please Help with Feedback

I applied around Christmas and was rejected, so I’ve just spent the last 3 months creating a ton of design products just to apply to Creative Market. Annnd I was rejected yet again.

I had thought a portfolio application could just be a preview of your style and potential, which is why I haven’t filled each portfolio item with countless feature images… but it’s starting to look like I’ll need to build an entire “shop” of products before even getting accepted. But that seems risky - spending another couple months of time building up an entire “shop”, full preview images and all, just to get rejected again.

Any feedback on my portfolio or insight into how to get accepted? Do we need to build a whole shop preview to hope to get accepted? Can anyone hope to get accepted without already having a successful shop elsewhere? How important do you think the text submission is, maybe I’m saying the wrong things.

@LennyCreative portfolio link coundn’t found!

@Khushbugohil Thanks for trying to take a look, the url was recently changed. Here is the updated:

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Hey @LennyCreative. I don’t think it would be a waste of time to build fully fledged products that you might sell in your shop with product images and everything. At the very least, you can sell those products on a different website if you get rejected again, but you could also sell them in your Creative Market shop when you eventually open it. My biggest suggestion would be to do some market research and look what sells well on creative market. Once you figure out what sells well and what the employees at creative market like, then think of a way you can add to that space while still making your product unique. A good place to look is in the handpicked section as it can tell you what creative market employees think will sell well on the site. I hope this helps.

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@LennyCreative Your product is good and also a unique way to represent just made it pop.

You can make more aesthetic look of front image by adding overlay shadow, sunlight,glar,and other images by add various mockup like Diary,cloth, organic bag, greeting cards etc show them that design is unique and useful even buyer didn’t what to use then also made them purchase by show this is woaw!

This type actually they wanted,just like eye catching.

You can contact me if you still want to know more :slight_smile: