Shop advertising

Has anyone tried using ads (via Pinterest/FB or direct through Google) to send traffic to their shop?

If so, how did it work out for you? Did it help with views? We’re the conversions good? Thanks.


I join, it would also be interesting to listen to the real experience of people)

Hi. We use only Pinterest with the partnership program. We didn’t test the google ads yet.

I have used Pinterest and FB ads in the past for product launches. I felt like it had a positive effect. I’m interested to hear what others have to say!

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Hey Guys, I’ve been using pinterest ads now for close to 4 month and have got nothing but positive things to say about the experience. The process is rather simple and the traffic seems
rather consistent. You can list ads for $1 a day if you have a just want to test it out (Would highly recommend 30 day campaigns though). If you have any questions please let me know I’m happy to help.

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Hey @ClayStudios thanks for your response - that’s really encouraging to hear.

I’d be interested to know if you advertise a product as soon as it’s listed to try and give it a boost and help with the CM ‘algorithm’?

I haven’t really played with the ads yet, but is it similar to something like Facebook ads where you put parameters (what people search for etc) to make sure it gets in front of the most relevant people?

Finally - What are the visuals like for your adverts? Do they go into more detail explaining the product or are they simply visuals taken from your project gallery?


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Hi @StudioAurora

So these are all great questions and it just so happened that I had a meeting with one of the general directors of Pinterest Australia the other day discussing the best ways to drive traffic to your store through ads and so I figured I’d list the tips and tricks we spoke about.

Firstly when making ads make sure the dimensions are 1000 X 1500 ( this is the largest possible space you can take up on someones screen). If you’re making a campaign make sure you use between 2-4 different designs, this way the AI has time to work out which one is more effective and put that ad at the front. It takes the AI about 7-10 days to work this out and 30 days to be most effective, be patient.

Text overlay is highly recommended with 1-2 lines of information. Call to actions have up to 60-70% higher click rates so make sure you have a form of it somewhere. Lastly use at least 80 tags for optimum SEO.

I’ve attached my current ads as an example. They may not be perfect but from experience they work 10X better than just a regular 300 X 400 image.

Hope all this helped.


In the open statistics, I see that the attendance of the creative market per day 200k per month is about 6 million. Are your products not visible?

My products are viewed by 30-35 people a day. I think these are normal numbers. If you pay money for advertising on Google. Their average price is $0.6 multiplied by 30. 0.6x30 = $18. I don’ think many people have that kind of money in a day.I save $18 a day. I also plan to do more advertising, but this is not now. I have to calculate the conversion rate and statistics.

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Thanks so much for this information!

Hey @ClayStudios thats for the insight - great that you got to speak to someone from there and they gave you some actionable tips!

I’m still interested to explore this route so I will update with my experiences as soon as I get around to it.

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Hey @StudioAurora

Did you manage to try this out for your shop? Curious to hear your experience with it, if you have! And thank you @ClayStudios for the insights :smiley: