Set up shop on Dribbble’s marketplace

Hello Shop Owners!

We have some exciting news to share. Coming soon, you will be able to instantly share your goods on a brand new marketplace on our sister site, Dribbble. A simple account integration will allow you to seamlessly publish your complete Creative Market inventory to Dribbble, putting your products in front of millions of top designers each month! :tada:

We’ll be making plenty of noise with our friends over at Dribbble. To ensure you’re part of our launch campaign, connect your accounts today! Follow the steps listed in our Help Center guide to set up the integration straight from your shop dashboard.

Don’t have a Dribbble account? Sign up for free or consider a Pro account to attract freelance opportunities.

FAQ: Everything You Need to Know about Connecting Your Account to Dribbble’s Marketplace

1. How do I connect my Creative Market account with my Dribbble account?
Simply follow the steps listed in our Help Center guide to set up your integration. This takes seconds and you can connect straight from your shop dashboard.

2. I don’t have a Dribbble account, can I still take part?
If you don’t already have a Dribbble account, no worries - you can sign up for free here.
Once you’ve signed up, you’re ready to connect your accounts.

3. If I connect my accounts, will my commission rate be impacted?
Connecting your accounts will not impact your commission rate in any way. You will continue to receive the same commission rate from the sale of any of your products.

4. Will this affect the reporting I see through my Creative Market account?
You will continue to see the same accurate and up to date reporting on your Creative
Market account as all transactions will continue to take place on Creative Market.

5. I’ve already connected, but I can’t see my products in my Dribbble account - why is this?
If you’ve already connected, no need to worry - you’ll see your products appear in your Dribbble account with the release of the marketplace channel on Dribbble next month.

6. Now that I’ve connected, will transactions take place on Dribbble?
When a customer views a product on Dribbble’s marketplace, they will be directed to Creative Market to complete the purchase. The transaction will appear in your account like any other purchase made from your shop.


I did the Dribbble integration. I hope it will reach more customers.

thank you


Thanks @drew.coffman - just integrated…do we have to put our existing products that are already up in our CM shop or does it do it automatically?


Thanks @drew.coffman and CM Team. A question: sales prices and earnings percentage are the same?


That’s great! Keep doing the good work.


Great questions coming in! All of your products listed on Creative Market will appear on Dribbble’s marketplace. Any sales made via Dribbble will essentially be made through Creative Market, so prices and percentages will be the exact same! :slightly_smiling_face:


@drew.coffman thanks for clarifying!

Thank you @drew.coffman :+1: !

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I connected my old Dribble account. Now waiting for my products to update :slight_smile:

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That’s an awesome news!!! Thanks You!!! But do we need to have Dribble Pro account to make sales on Dribble after integration?

Ohh that’s great news! Just did the integration with my Dribbble account! Hope that will bring more exposure. :smile:

No, you don’t need Pro to make sales.

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I have no option to integrate cm

@drew.coffman Thank you for update…This is amazing :partying_face:

Great match with portfolio, shop and freelance work!!

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Btw I’ve integrated my Dribble account about 16 hours ago, but still no products appears on my Dribbble page. Does anyone have same issue?


@pred_artem Same here, I don’t see my products yet, maybe we need to wait a bit longer.

I’m not very familiar with Dribbble (just created an account yesterday), are the products supposed to show on our profile page?


Yes, It should be visible on Profile Page.

You should see new tab called “Goods For Sale” in this tabs row.

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@pred_artem neither do i…

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I don’t see my products up either but I noticed the ‘goods for sale’ is listed under the “Pro Account” which I don’t have - although someone above said a pro account is not necessary to sell products.


@Sofydoll_Designs Although I’ve upgraded my account to Pro days ago, I don’t see the “Goods for Sale” either. Hmm… Any ideas?

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