September much worse than August

There was always an increase in sales in September, this year there is a clear drop compared to August.
Does anyone have the same?

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Every month less than the previous is the trend for me.


Not a single sell :blush: I get in September

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Even views are falling down. End of Summer - early Autumn used to be period when sales/activity increases, but not this year - I noticed it too. Only negative tendentions seen here :frowning:


Yes it’s season of festival started… let’s wait after this new features transition :blush:

During the first two weeks of September I made almost 30% less than the first two weeks or August which were less than 50% of my earnings during the first two week of July. My sales are just free falling!!!

September so far represents one third of what I made in the same two week during July

:flushed: :scream: :pleading_face: :rage:

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