Seller sales information

Hello sellers,

         Few months ago in community  few sellers  told sales was low and bad . So now few months passed,  
     ● is sales figure is improved or reached back to normal ? 
    ● is it just a short term  market  problem .not some issue 
    ● do u personally  feels any effects  from that issue still  happening now !
    ● What is your comments about new platform fee ? Do u think  it will increase  sales or not ? 

I am affiliater curious to know about current market situation. It will help me sense reality. Personally creativemarket is very good marketplace. I believe staffs are bit stubborn. I believe platform fee was introduced to add revenue in annual report for stockholder cuz few months low revenue .finally last question what are your thoughts about affiliater do u think important or neccessary?

Thanks you all for listening

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