Second month NO FUNDS

Going on the second month of not receiving funds, @drew.coffman The payout feature needs me to verify my account/email but no verification email is sent. I’ve emailed support 2 weeks ago about this issue. Help?

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Hey @DesignSupply.Co! Checking with our Support team our last message to you was on March 31st, to which we didn’t receive a reply.

If you missed that message, let me know :slight_smile:

Appreciate the quick reply @drew.coffman I checked again and the only reply I received was same day. It was an auto-responder saying " we’re working as fast as we can to respond to your message". There’s nothing in my spam either.

I’ve actually sent two separate emails and neither have had a response. One on March 25th (through the website) and another directly to support from my email on the 31st.

@DesignSupply.Co Just had our Support team re-send the message, and also got some information about the issue. It looks like we’ve cleared any issues on our end and, if you clear your cookies, the problem should be resolved :slight_smile:

To clear your cookies…

  • Here’s an article that will help you clear cookies from almost any browser. It’s important that you completely clear out Creative Market-specific cookies to resolve. Clearing the rest of your cookies from other sites isn’t necessary.
  • Closing out your entire browser.
  • Reopening a new browser window and visiting this page.

Let me know if you’re still having problems!

@drew.coffman Followed the article, cleared all cookies. Still not letting me request payouts. Any other suggestions?

Did you receive an email from our Support team?

@drew.coffman I haven’t received one. Can you try

@drew.coffman following up here

Just passed this on to our Support team, they’ll be emailing you today!

Bit of a silly system to be fair. You should only need to verify yourself if you change your payout method. If it’s the same payment method as is always used, it shouldn’t matter which device you use to request a payout.

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@drew.coffman I’ve put in a request to support. This is happening again and it’s extremely frustrating. Wanted to post here as well since you’re good at staying on top of issues.

Hey @DesignSupply.Co , looks like Support received your message this morning and will be replying shortly!