Search results cancelled when leaving page one

I tried searching for “bubble font” today. I got 55k search results but navigating to any page other than page one cancels the search results and just gives me the general featured stuff on CM. Seems like kind of a big issue if you can only view page one of search results.

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I’ve just noticed this and emailed Support with the following:

Your ‘Search’ facility seems to have developed a fault. Having typed in a key word or words, the first results page is fine. However, as soon as you try to view the next page, the search process changes from “Sort By: Best Match” to “Popular”. The effect is that you can never view more than the first page of the best matches to your keyword(s).

It seems a bit poor that you highlighted this issue four days ago (at the time of writing) and such a fundamental fault has not been addressed?


Appreciate you calling attention to this! I’ll send it over to our team as a bug :slight_smile:

Issue seems to have been resolved now Drew. Thank you for your timely intervention. :star_struck:

I am having this same issue